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28 Dicembre 2019

Former principality of Seborga: a territory imbued with a particular “Sacredness”.
December 28, 2019
Written by Redazione Consul Press on 30/12/2019.
Published in In Evidence, Beyond the Tiber: Religions and Mysticism, Free Space.

On Saturday, December 28th, in the “mystical setting of Seborga” – the ancient Cistercian monastic principality, today located in the province of Imperia – the ceremony of appointment and installation of Father Mitrate of the Monastic Order of Seborga, Father Giovanni de Lucia, took place.

The regulation was preceded by the election of the Abbot and then, when the rituals of the monastic rule prescribed it, the 10 members of the Monastic Order of Seborga were called to vote. The sacred ceremony and the Divine Liturgy that followed were presided over by Archbishop Cosma, Vicar General of the Italian Orthodox Church Autocephalous. Archibishop Cosma anointed the forehead of Father de Lucia with the Holy Chrism, assisted by Father Eliseo of Trieste and Father Athanasios of Turin.

The monastic order of Seborga, was born from the collaboration between the Polish National Catholic Church of Monaco (Principality of Monaco/Monte-Carlo) and the Italian Orthodox Church Autocephalous Ancient Oriental.

All the members of the Monastic Order of Seborga are presbyters or deacons, therefore invested with higher orders. All members of the Monastic Order of Seborga also play leading professional roles in civil society in Seborga, in the Principality of Monaco, in France and in Italy.

These professions will be made available by the members of the Order for the benefit of the territory of Seborga, for the cultural, economic, social and spiritual development of the whole community.

“I am certain that with God’s help, prayer and social commitment, the Monastic Order of Seborga, with its Abbot Mitrate, will contribute to giving back to Seborga what it deserves for its socio-historical heritage which nobody can deny and which represents the roots of a future in which the tree of Seborga will bring spiritual, social and civil fruits in general abundant and succulent”.

This is how Father Mitrate expressed himself after the ceremony of its inauguration.
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