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Council of the Crown

The Crown Council is composed of monks, presbyters and converts who have consecrated the Constitution of the Abbey of the anarchic Principality of Seborga. This council is perpetual and is divided into two groups: the Council of Elders and the Crown Councillors.

The Council of Sages is composed of at least three members and meets with His Reverend Highness, Abbot Mitrate and the Prince of Seborga for the management of disciplinary procedures within the Abbey.

The Crown Councillors carry out specific tasks to assist the Prince in the exercise of his spiritual and temporal functions.
The relative functions and missions are conferred for three years and are renewable and/or cumulative.

The Crown Council is composed of twelve members and can be extended to other monks, presidents and converts with advisory or additional functions. It is chaired by the Prince Abbot and is composed of : Abbot, Vicar General, Claustral Prior, Sacristan, Archivist, Botanist, Nurse, Moderator, Worker and three other auxiliaries.

In the event of expulsion for serious disciplinary reasons, one or more successors will be chosen according to specific needs by the Crown Council in office, in exclusive agreement with the Prince Abbot who will confer the task.