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Council of the Departments

The Council of Dicasteries is presided over by the Prior Claustral of the Abbey State who assumes the function of Prime Minister and is composed of monks, presbyters, converse monk or lay people who have been chosen directly by His Royal Highness the Prince Abbot.

The Councillors of the Dicasteries carry out specific tasks to assist the Prince in the exercise of his temporal duties.
The functions and missions are conferred for three years and are renewable and/or cumulative.

The Prime Minister verifies the proper execution of the tasks conferred by the Prince Abbot by making a half-yearly report to the Prince Abbot.

The Council of Departments is composed of at least seven councillors:

  • Agriculture and Renewable energies
  • Economic Development
  • Culture and Entertainment
  • Ethics and Surveillance SealsInland and Property management
  • EducationTourism and Economic development
  • Safeguarding public health
  • Internal Affairs

Other proxies may be granted by His Reverend Highness the Prince Abbot according to specific projects.

In case of expulsion for serious disciplinary reasons, one or more successors will be chosen according to specific needs by the Prince Abbot who will confer the task.

His Excellency Most Rev. Mgr. Marc Vattier

Exarch of the Gallican Church, Prime Minister of Seborga