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Dear citizens

Dear citizens,

I hereby announce to you that on 29 September 2019 the Monastic Order of Seborga was established within the Polish National Catholic Church of the Principality of Monaco in order to reconstitute, as it was originally, the former Abbey Principality of Seborga. The novices’ reception ceremony took place, conferring the rank of monks and converted monks. The rank of deacon was also conferred on three brothers and one of them received the presbyteral ceremony, thus allowing the effective constitution of the new Abbey of Seborga. On December 28, 2019, the election and final settlement of Abbot Mitrate of Seborga took place.

I would like to introduce you to the new Abbot of Seborga, who will give you a brief overview of my family and professional life :

I was born in Bordighera on May 27, 1978, married and father of two children; former auxiliary carabiniere (Military Police) with a medal of merit, I have been living in the Principality of Monaco since 2006 and I have been managing a real estate agency, Monte-Carlo Estates Group since 2012. I am currently president of two Monegasque associations, including the Polish National Catholic Church of Monaco, a veteran Catholic Church in full sacramental exchange with the Roman Catholic Church. I am currently vice-president of the Grand Priory of Russia in Monaco, an Orthodox Order of Malta, currently ecumenical.

In the past I was a political activist in Ventimiglia, a town councillor from 2002 to 2010, a former candidate for mayor and I had the privilege of participating in the election of the Italian Chamber of Deputies in 2013, obtaining a modest result (8997 valid votes). In 2010/2011, I was a private collaborator of the Prime Minister of Djibouti, a small state in the Horn of Africa, and thanks to this opportunity, I became a member of the National Association of Ministers and Parliamentarians of France, of which

I was the delegate for Italy. I was also running three other companies in West Africa in the fields of telecommunications, transport and renewable technologies, but the birth of my daughter forced me to make a choice, which brought me back to the Principality of Monaco.

My passion for theology and my devotion to Our Lord Jesus Christ gave me the opportunity to pursue a licentiate in theology at the Saint Andrew Institute (USA) in 2013.

I have been in Seborga for more than 10 years and from the first moment I was fascinated by this enchanting territory, so rich in history, I decided to carry out a historical-legal research on the evolution of Seborga and its Abbey Principality.

That is why I published an online study and involved a group of enthusiasts in the reconstruction of a Monastic Order in Seborga and its Abbey.

Today I would like to consolidate the work that the public administrators and the late Giorgio Carbone tried to create, presenting a precise and detailed program to concretize the development of Seborga in harmony with the Authorities of the local Administrations and the Italian Government.

In particular, I believe that, in this cosmopolitan era, being a European citizen is a strength and not a disadvantage, even if we continue to claim autonomy from the Italian State. The design and presentation of projects aimed at obtaining European and Italian funding will be able to promote Seborga’s economic growth.

Les invito a participar en los eventos organizados por la asociación La Vela Bianca dell’Antico Principato di Seborga de la que soy Presidente, para conocerse mejor y compartir el sueño de reconstituir un Principado en Seborga.
Aprovecho esta oportunidad para impartir la bendición de nuestro Señor Jesucristo a ustedes y a sus familias.